British Aikido Board Controversy

The Aikido ControversyThe Aikido Controversy is now a part of British Aikido History. It was a long and difficult fight to protect the true history of British Aikido from the false claims of Mr Jack Poole and The British Aikido Board. Sport England totally exonerated Henry Ellis. The BAB were instructed to give Henry Ellis […]

Positive Aikido

Positive Aikido Interview by Arthur Lockyear – Fighting Arts International – Issue 93 Where and when were you born, Henry? I was born in Yorkshire, in May 1936 in a little coal mining village called Brampton, near Rotherham. A place where you had to fight your way to and from school each day. When did […]

Is Aikido a Martial Art ?

Is Aikido a Martial Art? Sensei Henry Ellis – 2001 Co-author of Positive Aikido. PART 1 At first sight of the above title I am sure that a lot of Aikidoist’s will be angry, they will assume that this is yet another attack on the credibility of Aikido by other martial artist’s. On this occasion […]