23 thoughts on “Aikido Classics”

  1. @blacksashman Oh, cry me a river! Are you SERIOUSLY spamming and trolling Aikido videos? How LAME. If you are a Christian, it’s guys like you that give us a bad name. If you want REAL evidence of pedophilia, you have to look no further than the Catholic cult.

  2. @DunderFizken91 try it and then comment me…
    is cool and soft for children and fornot competitive people .

  3. @DunderFizken91 try it and then sayme your coments.

    soft and cool for children and not competitive people alternative martian art

  4. el mejor arte marcial q a existido….q bueno el video de o zencey y dicipulos muy buena demostracion…..aishiteru nijon

  5. My favorite move of al in Aikido is the Yonkyo. Yonkyo’s a very interesting move. Did you see how that guy taped out to Yonkyo? LMAO Poor guy.

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